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Free program gives adults gift of literacy
Colorado Springs Gazette - Colorado Springs,CO,USA
They had been friends for years and formed a long-distance relationship when Ben, a welder in the Army, was on an earlier tour in Iraq. ...
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Dating scene also full of Nice Gals struggling to find the right guy
Chicago Tribune - United States
That might be a little big for the tastes of some, but I'm a long-distance runner and yoga aficionado, so I'm fit and lead a healthy, balanced lifestyle. ...
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A 'Little Book' Bursting With The Write Ideas
Washington Post - United States
One of the never-ending frustrations of my otherwise enjoyable half-century newspaper career has been what newspapers call "style. ...
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Start-up Miwok Airways offers a way to beat traffic with short-hop ...
Los Angeles Times - CA,USA
The fare will depend on the distance between airports and on how many people are sharing the plane, rising to more than $300 if no other passengers are on ...
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Friends Like These
Newsweek - USA
Obama's attempts to distance himself might help, but he risks siding with the forces that some Detroiters see as enemies out to disenfranchise them. ...
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Long Distance Relationships: Tips For Making Them Work
By admin
E-mail is great so make sure you use it, especially if long-distance phone calls put a strain on your budget. Write love letters. Send small gifts or flowers for no reason. In this case, quantity is as important as quality. ... -

New Free Anonymous Call Tool Debuts
By JR Raphael
It also, though, gives you an easy cost-free long distance calling tool to use with family and friends, particularly if you prefer to use a landline during times when mobile minutes aren’t unlimited. The one possible downside is the ...
The Inquisitr » Tech -

Sprint drives away another customer
By snolan
Everyone has effectively free domestic long distance now, so the only competitive edge is call quality and friendly billing. I used to love Nextel. When the rest of the mobile phone services in the United States went to nickel and dime ...
Life is a State of Mind -

Unbundled! Qwest strikes again
By copyeditorsdesk
So, I’m reading my Qwest bill and notice some long-distance calls to Austin, where I know exactly no one. I also want to find out what they want me to do with the useless modem the Filipinos sent and to cancel the $3.99/month roadside ...
Funny about Money -

Dialogue With Friends Using VOIP Telephony
By kimpot
It is rapidly changing the way people are having conversations and changing the way people make their long distance calls, too. VOIP telephony will certainly prove to be advantageous as we progress in an era of global communications. ...
Communications -


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