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HISTORY: In 1952, phone calls no longer needed an operator locally
San Jose Mercury News - CA, USA
Because all long-distance and operator-assisted calls would now be handled from the toll center in San Jose, telephone operators would no longer be required ...
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Lake Orion's Clint Verran returns to run Free Press marathon
Detroit Free Press - United States
A long-time member of the Hanson’s Distance Project, Verran was runner-up in the 2001 USA Marathon Championship, the highest US finisher at the 2000 World ...
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Watching The Hawks
Northland's NewsCenter - Duluth,MN,USA
"Hawk Ridge is a great place to watch them, because it's what we call a 'concentration point' here. They're perfectly capable of flying long distance over ...
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AireSpring: 2008 is the Year of SIP Trunking
TMCnet - USA
With the recent launch of “AireSpring Network Long Distance” the company offers a solution for medium to enterprise class businesses looking to leverage ...
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Belichick transcript
Boston Globe - United States
The shorter distance you have to go, the higher your percentages are that you are going to get some points on the board. I don’t think it really affects the ...
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Ceylon Daily News

TNA confirms military success...
Ceylon Daily News - Ceylon,Sri Lanka
All Tamil political parties must realise that as long as they stood divided, a solution would stand only at a distance. Ponnambalam cannot deny the fact ...
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Make Free Calls Without Any Investment
By youtring
If you require to access long distance and international calls quite frequently then you can enjoy the benefits of free calls. Actually these days numerous Internet telephone service operators all around the globe are offering such free ...
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Global Calling Plans: Light On The Pocket But Call Anywhere
By nishagarg
Basically it a sort of a monthly agreement between the person interested in availing of a calling plan and the long distance carrier. As far as the costs are concerned there is normally a previously quoted rate which also include an ...
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FREE!!Talk as much as you can!!FREE!!!
By breadman
FREE!!Talk as much as you can!!FREE!!! Unlimited local and long distance calling!!! Unlimited calls to 22 countries!!! !!GET STARTED NOW!! CLICK HERE!! !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!HO T LINKS! ...
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A Woman At Home
We haven't had an official long distance carrier in years. I purchase prepaid long distance phone cards from Sprint, usually while on sale buy one get one free. Our long distance calls cost us less than $.03/minute and have for years. ...
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Affordable Web Hosting
By paper3
Does the affordable hosting company provide a free phone number for you to contact them? You don’t want to be paying long distance call costs to them if you need to get them on the phone about a problem or concern you have. ...
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