VoIP In The News: .Tel Domains, New iPod Touch For VoIP?
VoIP-News - San Francisco,CA,USA
This would allow companies to easily drive traffic to a click-to-call VoIP call center, for instance. Signups for trademark holders start in 84 days. ...
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Court bans VoIP on iPhone
TMC Net - Norwalk,CT,USA
A ruling was just issued by the Higher Regional Court (Oberlandesgericht) of Hamburg, Germany banning VoIP on the Apple iPhone (News - Alert). ...
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SME VoIP Part Three: Service Provider Choices
SearchNetworking.com - Australia
The third critical choice the SME will have to make for its VoIP implementation is the choice of provider. Here, "cheap and cheerful" isn'ta sensible option ...
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Discover The Huge Benefits And Cost Savings Of Home VOIP Service
Corsavoo.com - Bastia,Corse,France
If you have cable Internet or DSL Internet service at your home, and the connection is very reliable, then you should not have any problems with your VOIP ...
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Verizon enhances wholesale VoIP
VoIP News - Nairn,Highlands,UK
by Jan Harris Verizon Business, part of Verizon Communications, has enhanced its VoIP offering to wholesale customers with the addition of SIP Gateway ...
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How Does VoIP Work?
Times of the Internet - North Olmsted,Ohio,USA
VoIP, or voice over internet protocol, simply put, is a way to make phone calls over the internet with the use of an analog telephone adapter. ...
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Cisco AutoQoS: VoIP QoS for Mere Mortals
EnterpriseNetworkingPlanet - Darien,CT,USA
Until now, it took a serious Cisco guru to configure a network properly for VoIP if the network was at all bandwidth constrained. AutoQoS, a new IOS feature ...
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SIPGear’s iPBX Achieves Full Certification with snom 3XX series ...
VoIPMonitor.net - Fremont,NE,USA
After rigorous testing and evaluation, SIPGear’s iPBX received full certification by snom as interoperable and deployable with snom 3xx series VoIP phones ...
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NetIQ Introduces VoIP Lifecycle Management to Microsoft Office ...
TMCnet - USA
By Niladri Sekhar Nath NetIQ Corporation, an Attachmate business, has introduced a comprehensive Voice over Internet Protocol (VoIP) lifecycle management ...
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What You Should Know About VoIP Security
TMC Net - Norwalk,CT,USA
As VoIP continues to grow and take on a major share of the telephony marketplace, the threats associated with the technology like eavesdropping, toll-fraud, ...
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Blogs Alert for: VOIP

“SMB VoIP Options” – ITExpo
By ari
We will address why SMBs should want to move to VoIP? What are the various flavors of VoIP including premise equipment; service hosted at the service provider location; or SaaS (Software as a Service). ...
Phone.com » Blog - http://www.phone.com

Finding The Right Hosted Voip Service
By collectiondialer
It all depends on what the focal point is of the service as to what service is selected, of course, and there are many people that believe hosted VOIP service is an incredible thing that can do no wrong. ...
Predictive dialer's Webblogs - http://collectiondialer.wordpress.com/

Court bans VoIP on iPhone
A ruling was just issued by the Higher Regional Court (Oberlandesgericht) of Hamburg, Germany banning VoIP on the Apple iPhone. Specifically, the sipgate VoIP app (image right) has been banned - all part of T-Mobile's ongoing fight to ...
VoIP & Gadgets Blog - http://blog.tmcnet.com/blog/tom-keating/

iPhone VoIP Banned in Germany
There is some scary VoIP news out of Germany -- basically you cannot use VoIP on your iPhone because it could tempt you to jailbreak the device which basically means unlock it from the service provider you signed a contract with. ...
Communications and Technology... - http://blog.tmcnet.com/blog/rich-tehrani/

Arenosoft Voip IVR
By arenosoft
VoIP IVR of course handle VoIP lines instead of analog or digital lines. VoIP IVR utilizes the Server resources to handle VoIP signalling and media stream, there’s no CTI card required. It’s easily plugged in with other VoIP entity. ...
Indonesia software engineer outsource - http://arenosoft.wordpress.com


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