Sipgate iPhone VoIP program banned in Germany
iPhone World - Montreal,QC,Canada
In a sign that clearly shows mobile carriers' dissatisfaction with iPhone VoIP programs, a German court has recently banned the Sipgate VoIP program for the ...
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Options To Replace Landline Phone Service Abound
Hartford Courant - United States
VoIP and MagicJack. Consumers have many choices for using their broadband Internet access as a phone line, using a technology called voice over Internet ...
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Enterprises throw caution to the wind in 802.11n rush
Register - London,England,UK
Despite the high interest in wireless VoIP, there is still a high degree of caution, which is why 802.11r may prove important. ...
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Easy VoIP
By ओंकार (Onkar)(ओंकार (Onkar))
From what I have heard the feature is designed in such a way that when using DSL you can switch dialing between standard phone line and VoIP with touch of a button. Similar to dialing a 0 to get outside line from office phone. ...
तरूणाई (Tarunaai) - http://tarunaai.blogspot.com/

VoIP - Reader's Perspective, (Sat, Sep 13th)
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SANS Internet Storm Center, InfoCON:... - http://isc.sans.org

Special Call Routing for Callback
By redmat
Similarly, any caller (for example myself while trying to make a VoIP call from office) from the PSTN can also call the regular PSTN number and then using the PSTN-to-VoIP Gateway feature of the SPA 3K (with PIN numbers and Caller Dial ...
Voxilla VoIP Forum - http://forum.voxilla.com

NY Times on VoIP In The Sky
By Andy Abramson
The New York Times published a story today about VoIP in the Sky. Sure, we all want peace and solitude up at 37000 feet, but this is all a social matter, not a business matter. What's amazing is when the airlines and the carriers could ...
VoIP Watch - http://andyabramson.blogs.com/voipwatch/

How does VoIP Work?
By Amy Nutt
VoIP, or voice over internet protocol, simply put, is a way to make phone calls over the internet with the use of an analog telephone adapter. In making "phone calls" in this manner, the user can often avoid the high charges from the ...
W3 Spin - http://w3spin.com


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