i2 Telecom Releases BlackBerry and Windows Mobile VoIP Service
TMCnet - USA
US incumbents probably will continue to react as they have to the competition posed by fixed line VoIP: monitor the trend and gradually introduce ...
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HearMe Version 3.1 Launched with VoIP Capabilities, SugarCRM ...
TMC Net - Norwalk,CT,USA
HearMe also features built-in VoIP capabilities, eliminating the need for a conference phone bridge line. This decreases costs for small to medium-sized ...
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Is Touch 2G waiting on devs for voice apps?
CNET News - San Francisco,CA,USA
This thing has VOIP written all over it. Up until now, making a VOIP call on the iPod Touch took some jailbreaking and some unofficial hardware to get the ...
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GVT relaunches Vono VoIP offer
Telecom Paper (subscription) - Houten,Netherlands
Brazilian fixed-line services provider GVT has relaunched its Vono VoIP offer with new packages and services. Business users can now choose from packages ...
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Apple and VoIP don’t mix – well in Germany at least
ITProPortal - London,UK
With many organisations looking at VoIP as a part replacement for fixed and some mobile calls, it would appear natural for Apple to have supported SIP out ...
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Mail.Ru Deploys GIPS VoIP Solution
TMCnet - USA
Ru, a Web portal of the Russian Internet, will use GIPS' VoIP technology in its instant messaging application Mail.Ru Agent. As per the agreement, ...
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Taliban use Skype VoIP bug to evade capture
ComputerWeekly.com - UK
The British and American governments are said to be investing resources to crack voice-over-IP (VoIP) codes. "The trouble with this technology is that it is ...
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mocoNews.net - iPhone Sales In Japan Falling; Germany Bans iPhone ...
Washington Post - United States
Meanwhile, a German court has banned the use of Sipgate, a VoIP application that lets iPhone users make internet calls when hooked up to a Wi-Fi hotspot in ...
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O'Grady's Power Page

German Court Bans VoIP App for iPhones
O'Grady's Power Page - Philadelphia,PA,USA
Per the request of wireless carrier T-Mobile, Hamburg's Higher Regional court has banned the Voice over Internet Protocol (VoIP) application Sipgate from ...
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Fighting for VoIP-free skies, part 2
FierceVoIP - Washington,DC,USA
By Doug Mohney Aircell's CEO goes on the record on VoIP in the crowded airplane cabin. And he says one thing FierceVoIP predicted. ...
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Out of Office: [VoIP & Gadgets Blog] New Entry: Am I Alone in Not ...
TrackBacks | Comments | Tag with del.icio.us | VoIP & Gadgets Blog Home | Permalink: Out of Office: [VoIP & Gadgets Blog] New Entry: Am I Alone in Not Liking Video Game Ads? Copyright VoIP & Gadgets Blog.
VoIP & Gadgets Blog - http://blog.tmcnet.com/blog/tom-keating/

Using VoIP with Connect Pro
Using VoIP with Connect Pro: 12 tips towards having a better experience while using VoIP in Connect meetings.
Rachel's Adobe Linkblog - http://rlux.tumblr.com/

Successful VoIP in Connect Pro
By Timothy Plumer Jr
Voice over Internet Protocol, or VoIP is rapidly becoming a good option for many internet users over standard Plain Old Telephone Service (POTS). I myself use a variant provided by my cable/internet service provider, and it works quite ...
Adobe technologies in education - http://blogs.adobe.com/edtechatadobe/

Taliban use Skype VoIP bug to evade capture
By emily
Taliban fighters targeting British troops in Afghanistan are using Skype voice-over-IP phones to evade detection, reports Computer Weekly. "Security sources have told the Evening Standard that unlike traditional mobile calls, ...
textually.org - http://www.textually.org/

T-Mobile wins court case against VoIP iPhone app
By Simon Sage
Back in July, T-Mobile Germany was putting the legal screws to VoIP provider sipgate for requiring its users to jailbreak their iPhones in order to enjoy cheap calling over Wi-Fi networks (which is really just a roundabout way of ...
IntoMobile » Carriers - http://www.intomobile.com


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