Israel to Permit Trials of VoIP over Wi-Fi
Cellular-News - UK
Under the terms of the license, the VoIP service is provided using mobile end equipment, including Wi-Fi interface, and the service is to some degree an ...
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Voters' hot line boosted in anticipation of high Election Day call ...
By todd_weiss@computerworld.com
With four weeks to the presidential election, a nonprofit group is gearing up its IT systems to handle an expected 150000 Election Day telephone calls on voting-related issues to its toll-free hot line. ...
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Voip Phone Paper Models
By cutiez
What is the conection between paper models and Voip Stuff? Well, nothing actually I just want to say the voip and telecommuncation stuff because it’s related Well duh, what I want do? I want to tell the world (you, actually) that I have ...
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Apple iPhone News - Fring brings VoIP to iPhone
By iphone
We have all been waiting on an iPhone VoIP (Voice over Internet Protocol) solution, since we heard that Apple would allow VoIP application access while connected to WiFi. Fring has finally made our dream a reality — and it’sa reality ...
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Comment on 7 Ways to VoIP From Your Mobile Phone by Ivan Alarcon
By Ivan Alarcon
Fring is great but has 18 character limit on sip password setup, some of us have a 20 character password setup mandatory so i prefer nimbuzz.
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[request] Localphone voip setting
Forum: Bug Report - iPhone Posted By: comthre3 Post Time: 10-05-2008 at 07:18 PM.
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