New Hulger VoIP Phone . . . Like a Blast From the Past
VoIP-News - San Francisco,CA,USA
There’sa new VoIP phone from Hulger that is brass and solid American walnut. At $300, it’s pretty pricey too. And dude, this thing is a total throwback from ...
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New Plug-ins Provide Valuable New Functionality in NetFlow ...
PR-Inside.com (Pressemitteilung) - Wien,Austria
Already available for WhatsUp Gold is the recently announced VoIP Monitor plug-in module, which allows users to access information generated by Cisco IP SLA ...
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Fring has finally released their VoIP client on the Apple iPhone.
TechWhack (press release) - New Delhi,Delhi,India
In addition, the application also allows the user to make VoIP calls using the Wi-Fi connection available on the device. It supports both SkypeOut and SIP ...
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Friday Links: VoIP Winners/Losers,
VoIP-News - San Francisco,CA,USA
Smith on VoIP talks about VoIP’s winners and losers in the absolutely unescapable down economy. VOXOFON has released the first VoIP application for Android, ...
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Fring In-Depth: VoIP, Skype, IM Application Available in the App Store
By Aviv
Apple CEO Steve Jobs mentioned that VoIP applications would be allowed in the app store when the iPhone SDK was released. But Fring hasn’t been waiting around for Apple’s approval to make or break the company and its service. ...
MacBlogz - One Stop Apple News - http://www.macblogz.com

The Use And Weaknesses Of VoIP
By Gooinet(Gooinet)
The VoIP (Voice over Internet Protocol) is an internet protocol that is using the internet voice transmission or other networking packet-switch to conduct free conversation and even video conversation. The VoIP is able to be used as a ...
Free Voice Over Internet Protocol Guides - http://goovoip.blogspot.com/

iPhone Fring multi-IM, VoIP app now available via App Store
By Allan David Reyes
What’s also unique to Fring is that aside from connecting with other IM services such as Yahoo, Google Talk, MSN, and AIM to name just a few, it also provides you with on-the-go VoIP through Skype. VoIP functionality, however ...
PMP Today » Apple - http://www.pmptoday.com

iPhone Gets VoIP, Thanks to Fring
By Darrell Etherington
As of yesterday, the iPhone natively supports VoIP calls without jailbreaking thanks to fring, a multi-client instant messaging application with Skype, Skype-out, fring and other SIP support for voice calling. ...
The Apple Blog - http://theappleblog.com

Find out What VoIP Really Means
Voice over Internet Protocol (VoIP) technology is being tipped as the technology that will transform the way that calls are made in the future. Voice over IP digitises the sound of a human voice so that you can avoid telephone wires ...
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