Touchscreen VOIP conference phone by Kicker

Since Apple launched its iPhone with multi-touch-capable touchscreen, touchscreen display has become more like a must on phones. There will be no exception on VOIP phones, we have here a great effort from Kicker Studio, a VOIP conference phone that is equipped with a touchscreen and addresses the major problems faced with traditional conference phones.

Kicker’s touchscreen VOIP conference phone is still on the design stage at the moment, but the Kicker team has put in lots of effort for making its design highly usable and friendly to the users. They’ve carried out study from various users who have used conference phones in their daily operations. And they’ve found that two past problems, technical and social, that have made the traditional conference phones suck.

The technical problems are about the speaker and microphone issues, while the social problems revolved around the fact that conference calls are usually very artificial and stilted. From that they’ve concluded their new VOIP conference phone shall be designed based on three primary characteristics which are transparency, openness, and unobtrusiveness.

Transparent is what you can see what is happening on a call. Open so the phone can work with other systems like calendar application and widgets etc. Unobtrusive so it doesn’t get in the way of the communication, which was paramount. By considering all these, the Kicker’s conference phone has been decided with a final design that features an 7-inch touchscreen, removable mic, with portable and business-friendly form factor that will have other features at a glance as follows:

- Synchronizes with calendars and contacts for one-tap dialing
- Quickly see who’s talking on a call and who wants to speak
- “Hand Raising” to indicate a desire to speak
- “Poking” to nudge other callers
- Recording and marking of calls
- Multi-line dialing
- Adjusting individual lines for the best overall conference call quality
- Comes in four different colors (silver, red, orange, and green)

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